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Speaking Spanish, Doesn’t Soley Mean You Are Latina

Let’s get this out the way now, we need to stop shaming other Latinos who are 1st generation Americans in their family. We have to stop creating this divide that they are not apart of their culture because they know very little or none of the language. If they are here repping and bringing a great contribution to their culture, that’s all that should matter. Speaking the language is dope, but you know what else is? Showing that Latinos are diverse in all aspects. SHowing that we do not fit the stereotypes.

We forget the great examples of Latinas who have made contributions​ to their Latin American community. Jennifer Lopez, Angie Martinez, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Selena Quintanilla, and more. They have brought a spotlight to the Latin community. They are also some of the biggest stars of their own era.

So, where did all of this “you need to know Spanish” shaming come from? Why are we continuing this pattern? An interview with Gina Rodriguez surfaced and she explains why her Puerto Rican parents didn’t want her to know Spanish.

She says it best in this video and to all the Latinas struggling with feeling shame, you are apart of our culture. Never allow anyone to make you feel less than who you truly are. Be proud and walk with LATINA PRIDE!


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