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Justice for Girls of Color

We are living in a time where social media makes everything a buzz and creates a controversy out of every little thing. Also, it draws us out of our everyday life and shows us what actually goes on in the world.  This past week social media broke a story about a young 19-year-old girl from Chicago who was found dead in a hotel freezer.

For those who aren’t aware of this story, Kanneka Johnson was a 19-year-old girl. She attended a “party” with friends at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chicago. She was found dead in a freezer and videos started to surface. Questions about the events leading up to her death started to surface after the “friends” released Facebook live videos during the party.

Now, what bothers me is how these videos are enough evidence to try these girls in court. It is enough for the police to continue investigating the case. From reports and news sources the police claimed the young teen was inebriated and locked herself in a basement freezer. A basement freezer in a hotel, that only staff has access to. This is disgusting and sad how they deliberately claimed this victim of murder brought this upon herself.

It is not the first time we have seen criminal investigators dismiss cases that involve young women of color. It is sadly common that these cases go unnoticed in mass media versus the cases of beautiful affluent white women. Have you heard about the 12 young women missing from the Bronx last summer? Did you hear about the young women missing from D.C.? No? Could this be because the media chooses to dismiss these cries of help along with the police?

It is infuriating that these cases are rising and now with the help of social media, we see it more common for them to receive no justice. How many more little women of color are going to wound up dead before they realize this is a state of emergency. How much more innocent adolescent lives will be taken until they feel the pain of those parents?

How many more young women will be robbed of their chance of reaching adulthood or even college before the system find the right to say this is a DAMN problem? Queens, we need to keep sticking together and making sure our young queens are forever protected.

No matter if you are black, brown, olive, or purple. We need to stand to gather and unite for these young women to receive the justice they much deserved. We need justice for our young queens!

If you want to be involved and volunteer your services, you can join organizations like Black & Missing to assist in any way. Remeber queens, we have each other. So let us work together as one!


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