Jessica Williams Reminds Me Why Being the Black Sheep is Everything

If you are like some of the few who haven’t watched Jessica Williams star as the artistic and witty Jessica James in ‘The Incredible Jessica James, you need too. The show stars our leading lady trying to achieve her dreams to be a playwright in New York but constantly getting the try again letters. She teaches at a nonprofit and she leads a pretty interesting life. But, all of the greatness aside, that’s not the point of this post.

One thing that made me relate most to this character was her interaction with her family. Jessica travels back home to her sister’s baby shower and it reminded me why being the family black sheep is perfect.


You Can’t Relate to “NORMAL” things and that is fine.

Your family talks about the usual topics that revolve around partying, The Kardashians, which heels you just bought, and more things that you find uninteresting. But, if you speak on something political or just personal growth, you get deemed the weird one. It happens but it is cool to know you don’t succumb to society’s idea of what a woman should be “interested” in.


You’re Different without even trying.

You are always going to be that family member that is being discussed as that one odd cousin who went off and traveled the world or went to fight social justice. This ends up you as the focal topic of every conversation during family gatherings. You are always asked, “When will you find a practical career?” You sometimes get hit with, are you ever going to settle down? Who doesn’t want all of that unwanted attention?


You Express Yourself in Ways No One Could.

You don’t just allow yourself to be contained in this box. You openly express your feelings and you are not afraid to be who you really are. Most people can’t even achieve that. They’re too busy being normal to realize being different is full of self-expressing freedom.

So gorgeous queens, if you haven’t figured it out yet that you are the black sheep and these terms apply to you, chances are you’re the cool one in your family. Be sure to embrace it and don’t let anyone shame you or make you feel odd at family gatherings. There are other black sheep out there and trust us, it is a beautiful thing to be different.

Make sure to watch ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ on Netflix.



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