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Women in Hip-Hop​: Interview with Media Personality Unique Chapman​

D.C. native Unique Chapman is the queen you see wearing many hats in the entertainment field. She will always greet you with a smile and share her thoughts with you.You may have seen her hustling at the popular New York music stations, WBLS & Hot 97. You might have seen her, as a correspondent, with If you have a favorite artist at the moment, chances are she has already interviewed them. This year she also launched the real and ever needed podcast Dear Black Girl. The Queen Sessions had the chance to interview this talented queen and get to know more about her and her story.

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The Queen Sessions: What was the transition like coming to New York for school? Were there any moments of uncertainty?

Unique Chapman: For one it was like a cultural shook honestly, the city and the people were completely different and I remember thinking everyone was rude and unfriendly lol. For the longest, I would only hang out with people from my hometown and didn’t really mingle with that many people that weren’t from the DC and Maryland area. I remember the first 7-8 months I spent in New York for school I truly hated it. I even considered transferring back home to Howard University, but then something within my 9th month of living in New York just clicked, and I just fell in love. I’m honestly not sure to this day what it exactly was.  

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TQS: When did you first break into writing and interviewing artist?

UC: I broke into writing Summer 2010, going into my senior of college. I got an internship with this small online magazine called Urban Magazine as an editorial intern. Each week I would sit behind my laptop at Barnes and Noble (because the internet was free)  and submit 3-5 stories a week that focused on music and entertainment news.

As far as interviewing artist that was a spur of the moment thing. I had actually just started working with DJ Enuff five months prior when I pitched this idea to the website manager at the time, Blue, for a web series called the “In Studio Series.” It was geared towards new up and coming artist The segment consist of an interview and full breakdown of their new project and shot during a recording session or in a recording studio to give it a more organic feel. Two months later one of my friends from St. John’s messaged me on Facebook asking if I wanted to interview the actor Mack Wilds, who was gearing up to break into music himself. So I said yes got me a camera person and shot the interview as a pilot the web series. I was honestly so terrified to be on camera that I did the entire thing off the screen and only filmed Mack lol.

TQS: You launched Dear Black Girl on your birthday, was this a representation of symbolic change?

UC: The main reasons I launched it on my birthday was a gift to myself. At some point in the past 6 years since graduating from college and working in the entertainment industry, there was a very important part of myself that I lost. So it was kind of symbolic of me rediscovering that person.  

TQS: Where do you see your podcast heading in the next year?

UC: The podcast is more so the beginning of everything I want to do with Dear Black Girl. I have some many ideas and things I want to do, that I’m just trying to figure out where to begin! But my hopes are that within the next year I can kick off the bi-monthly dinner series for Dear Black Girl.

TQS: Out of all the things you conquered in life, which was the most difficult hurdle you overcame?

UC: The passing of my step-dad. That broke me down to my core. I don’t think anythings fully compared to that time in my life.

TQS: Biggest career lessons learned in 2017?

UC: The biggest lesson I’ve learned in 2017 is to honestly create your own opportunities.

For more of Unique’s journeys follow her Instagram & listen weekly to her Dear Black Girl podcast.


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