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Avoiding the Racial Tension at Work


Now, as you may have seen, America is close to another civil war, well, at least it feels like it. The events in Charlottesville, Virgina seems to have woken a lot of people up to the prominent number of hate groups in 2017. Many will say, Trump brought this out of them (spoiler alert: he did) and others will say this has become normal to living in the south. But, what is not okay is for hate groups to continue to spread hate in this diverse a** country.

Another thing that is becoming not okay to do: to discuss this in a professional atmosphere. I grow aggravated every time I am asked by an employer how do these events in the news make me feel. Yes, it affects us Black/Latinas. I have been asked by two different employers how the election of Trump makes me feel. It makes me want to shout for joy that White America got their wish. Seriously?!

It infuriates me that majority of America not only entertained the idea of his presidency, but actually elected him. But, can you really express this anger to your boss who is white and may be an undercover trump supporter? No, you can’t. You have to hold a smile on your face and say, “it is what it is.” That is always my escape goat phrase.

So, what do you do when other co-workers are discussing the Charlottesville event and removing of the Confederate “heroes”? You sit out of the conversation and listen. You use wisdom over emotion. Listen to which co-worker has an “it’s American history” response and you take notes. You remind yourself to not engage in a race convo with this individual. For if they have been on this earth, this long thinking that slavery and genocide of minorities classify them as a war hero, then you spewing hardcore facts with them won’t change their mind.

Once ignorance is taught, it is very hard to rewire it. I learned this from countless Facebook and in person debates with people who believe we should stop pushing our cultural pride out so much. I learned the hard way that sometimes you need to have a closed mouth and open ears. So when you step foot into that office, restaurant, art studio, or wherever you work and are asked for your thoughts on these events. Sometimes you have to say, “It is what it is,” then keep it moving.

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