The Tradeshow​ Guide for Fashionista Beginners

No matter the time, day or season, there is always something to do here in the most populated city of Nevada, Las Vegas; The Entertainment Capital of the World.  From viewing one of the many #1 rated shows on the strip, to visiting art galleries in the hotels,  or partying way past sunrise, the adrenaline never ends.  In addition to the many available tourist attractions, there is always one convention or another being hosted in Vegas, ranging from technology to cars to fashion and beauty conventions, even adobe has a convention.   

I thought it was only appropriate to highlight a few of my favorite conventions that are held twice a year.   

Magic, Agenda, and MRKT are just a few of the fashion trade shows that regularly pop up in Las Vegas, bringing with them information on the latest trends, technology, and fashion forecasting, accompanied by several amazingly informative seminars.

While they are spectacular and a must-attend event for all those interested in the fashion realm, they can be a bit overwhelming. I’m not talking about a number of people in attendance.  

These shows are jam-packed with different kiosks, talks and interesting activities to keep you engaged. Careful planning in advance is necessary in order to fully benefit from the experience.  Not sure where to start?  Lucky for you,  TQS has come up with a few tips to help make this process as easy as possible.  


First, MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED!! This is probably the sole most important step as you begin your trade show journey. Contact us if you need help registering.

Next, MAGIC provides some of the best seminars, ranging in topics from trend forecasting to launching a business, so make sure to look up what they are and choose which ones you’d like to attend.

    1. Some seminars will overlap in time.  I recommend doing a bit of research beforehand. You can find a list of seminars here. Find out who the keynote speaker is, review their credentials and see if their topic will be something that truly interests and can benefit you/your business.
    2.  There is always a Q&A time allotted at the end of these seminars so have some insightful questions prepared, but do not be bummed if they don’t get to yours.
    3. Remember names and faces and try to catch them when they are walking out once they are done with the crowd.  If they seem to be in a rush, offer to walk with them if you really want to make a more meaningful connection.

Fashion Snoops, another great seminar contender.  They are one of, if not, the best fashion forecasting agencies out there. Their seminar fills up rather quickly, so be sure to arrive early to ensure your spot! Make sure to check out their booth, especially if you are an up and coming designer. They have an array of fabric samples, color-ways, and titles for the newest and hottest trends and looks.

Next up, how to deal with the crowd:  

First, be prepared to run into some not so friendly nor open-minded individuals. Most people are there for business, including sellers, buyers, marketers, speakers and so forth. So please be considerate.  

Secondly, take this as a learning experience, you’ll get better as you go.  Attend twice a year, if you can.  Next, networking is key in any field: make connections and get business cards. Wait a few days before sending any emails or reaching out.  A lot of people will be sending emails the same day and or right after.  You don’t want yours to get lost in their inbox.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!  All work and no play can be draining.  Make sure to grab some yummy treats, and check out the fun events, like the runway shows or brunch for buyers. 


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