Health & Beauty

Taking Control of Your Insecurities​


Beauty standards have gone from just being yourself to instantly looking like a superstar. We see young girls now being drawn into “beating” their face every day for school, the gym, or just going to the store. Now there is nothing wrong with looking like a boss babe every day, but are we doing it for ourselves or for the acceptance in society. The effects of social media have caused more cases of depression within young women. Which means more sales for retailers, makeup, and other essentials needed to make sure you keep up with today’s appeal.

However, while we are competing to be apart of the Kardashian complex of beauty, have we forgotten that our flaws are truly inspiring and make us unique from the person next to us. Our insecurities allow ourselves to dig into these deep holes of self-doubt and self-hate. This constantly causes us to reimage our lives as someone else or just wish we had what our neighbor had. It’s normal and it happens more than ever.  However, we allow these negative thoughts to harness our mindsets and it diminishes the positive things in our lives. As queens, we have to remind ourselves of our value and worth.


Falling victim and succumbing to what is ideally beautiful is not a queen trait. It interferes with our hustles and our idea of what self-love truly is. There have been times I questioned myself about my size or my hair texture and just wondered if I fit the ideal society of beauty, I would have advanced more in my internships or landed a job soon after college. Shoot, I even had employers to tell me that my hair was unprofessional. But, all of these comments and self-doubts allowed me to figure out that these are distractions made to cause a self-defeat into pursuing what you truly want in this world. So queens, hold you together and look in the mirror and love you. You are the best version of you, and no one can take it away from you.  Don’t forget to remind yourself of your strengths and true beauty when you walk into the room. Keep on queenin!



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