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The Perks of Being An​ Awkward A** Girl

All praise to the television Gods because they have heard my request.

Awkward women are now being put as the lead characters and not the comic relief in tv shows. Now, more than ever, we see the awkward girl become the heroine in our favorite series. It makes me smile to see women who share similar personality traits as me on tv.

Now, if you’re not the awkward girl and you have been able to push through weird convos or after offering your seat to a non-pregnant person, then you are winning. As for the rest of us, it’s not always so bad. I find, there is joy to being the awkward one in the group. Don’t believe me? Well, let me share a few…


You Know How to Avoid Negative Situations:

Being the awkward girl means when negativity comes in your path, you deflect it. In other words, you ghost it. You tend to disappear on people for a time, because you are not ready to confront the problem. It may take you a little bit of time to voice how you feel, but there isn’t any pressure for you to do so. Your friends or S/O know you are weird with these situations so they give you time to figure it out. When you do find the right words you want to say, the problem feels easier to confront and no one gets hurt in the end.


You Don’t Have to Try Hard to Get Attention:

You won’t have to try hard to be remembered or noticed in the room. You probably already did something weird that will cause everyone around you to just be like oh….. Anyone can say yeah she was pretty. What they can’t say was “oh she was that girl who spilled wine on that guy from accounting right?” Boom! Instantly unforgettable.

You have a perfect comedy timing:

Every situation won’t be funny, but you seem to find a joke somewhere. You smile at the worst times, because you are just an awkward human. Someone just tripped and sprained their ankle, you have a joke. Someone just got fired, you have a joke. Someone just found out their husband is cheating, you have a joke. It is a semi terrible trait as an awkward girl, but you will have a great chance at being a comedian.

The last thing to remember is that being awkward means you have a stand out personality. Honestly, I rather be the clumsy, weird commentating, horrible flirt than the everyday popular girl.

It is nice to see some awkward women become represented as cute, funny, and cool. So if you’re an awkward lady, be proud and do ya best awk dance!


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