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5 Game Changing Queens, You Need to Know About

Every now and again we need to be reminded of our strengths, inner power, and glowing beauty. Sometimes, we get that reminder from our friends, family, significant other and occasionally from a stranger. Here are five women that tap into that and showcase it on social media, while reminding us of our precious crowns.



I truly enjoy her on Snapchat, as she showcases a much more intimate, makeup-less part of her life, but Ms. Zendaya is glam slayage on the red carpet. She often markets her line “Daya by Zendaya” which includes “Sole of Daya,” a shoe line she debuted at MAGIC, on her instagram. Most celebrities come out with a line that their fans can barely afford, so kudos to Zendaya for that amazing price point. Aside from being the face to KC undercover, she is in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and has been a major part of its press tour.

Her style is impeccable and her slender physique provides a great linear look. In one of her latest post, she showed her alliance to the trans community, which we here at TQS very much welcome. This is an inclusive environment and we value Zendaya for it.

Zoe Kravitz


She is the beautiful creation of Lenny Kravtiz and Lisa Bonet. Her punk and soft edge style is presented so casually on her Instagram. Honestly, it’s like following your cool and artsy home-girl that you went to high school with. Her immense support for women is a true favorite. Often times, she is posting about supporting and being a part of girl gang and the “bad ass power of women.” It doesn’t stop there, she is vocal about the racial discrimination in Hollywood.

She said in a previous interview about how the casting directors of the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ told her she was too urban for the role, she was going out for.

“There are certain roles where I know what they are asking for,” she said. “They want me to talk like I’m not an educated person.”

Since then she has killed it in roles for Mad Max: Fury Road, HBO’S: Big Little Lies, and we can’t forget her role in Dope. She continues to grace us with her presence on both the big and little screens. She’s also making her mark on music with her punk rock band, Lola Wolf, showing us that women of color can get down, in any genre of music. Lastly, she fears nothing when it comes to using her voice to make a difference. Some of her posts include standing up for #blacklivesmatter.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.13.10 PM.png

Blair Imani

BlairImani2.jpg Imani is a Boss, no not a boss babe, not a girl boss, straight up BOSS in every sense of the word. She’s the founder of and you know we love anything that supports and pushes the rights of queens everywhere. EqualityforHer creates a fresh narrative for feminism beyond the popular white woman struggle, and though that is very important as well, there are far more issues being faced by women of all kinds of backgrounds beyond the western middle-class problems.

She is very well spoken and doesn’t back down from a good debate, especially when her views and lifestyle choices are being attacked. She shuts down news anchors like there is no tomorrow and doesn’t mind letting you know what and how she identifies and how that doesn’t fit into one mold of identity, but is multi-layered. Her activism is not only for women but for the black community, the Muslim community, the Middle Eastern community, and so forth; she truly is a voice. Watch her take on this Fox News anchor, when discussing why the Muslim community deserves a safe space.

Aureta Thomollari

Photographed by Marshall Johnson for Refinery 29

Follow Aureta for all things fabulous: from artwork to fashion and lifestyle, even food. She’s everything fierce, sassy, creative and grown. Her audacious personal style is nothing less than luxurious. She started her blog back in 2009, you can archive her blog (Her Blog) and see the growth in her fashion.

With her partner Jordan Watson she manages several artistic accounts, aside from her personal account. Both individually and together she creates vibrant, idiosyncratic, eccentric, opulent post. It’s as if she scrupulously creates high end, magazine-like post, but what’s most impressive? She graduated summa cum laude from Marymount University, in Arlington, Virginia.

Yara Shahidi


Yara is the young queen you’ve seen on the hit show Blackish & in the media, being praised for her style. She embraces her natural beauty and utilizes her stardom to make a change for the youth. She will also be attending Harvard this Fall with Malia Obama. Talk about friendship goals! Yara has been vocal about her bi-racial background and the injustice for middle easterns during the presidency of Trump.

These are just a few of the fierce women that continuously give us the push and reminder that we are tough, tremendous and exceptional queens. Perhaps, one day it will be you, we look to for inspiration. For more fresh articles to inspire the queen in you, subscribe to our email notifications.


  1. This was such a great article! I loved every minute of my read. I am truly amazed that so many beautiful queens are out here making such a difference. It is crazy how we get so wrapped up in our daily to do’s that we don’t even notice the things that are going on all around us! I am truly inspired and very proud of my fellow queens and hope to make a change of my own, no matter how small. Thank you for a great read TheManyRealms


  2. Beautifully written article. I completely agree with your choice of these 5 remarkable women! Great to see women uplifting other women.


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