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Queen Conversations: Meeting First Friday Artists


First Friday in Las Vegas is always booming especially during the summer months. There are tons of events to attend throughout the day, evening and night. Planning accordingly can be valuable, but not necessary, as there is an overwhelming amount of vendors, showcases, performances, and such.

Often times searching Instagram for specific things to do in and around the city of Las Vegas, is the best way to go. I came across a few flyers, promoting events, but it was actually on twitter where I saw a friend discussing an art showcase, not quite in the arts district (where First Friday is held). I decided it would be where I would spend my time.

I headed over to the art gallery and live painting to support Almost Athena, the artist I met on Twitter. Prior to the event, I let her know I would be coming out to support her first showcase. How exciting?

As I walked into what appeared to be a skate shop, she was the first to the left, painting in midst of conversing with two intrigued viewers. I assume they were asking her about her work and involvement with the event.

I scanned the room and began my walk through, simply saying hello and passing Athena, in order to let her know my presence, but allowing her to complete her conversation. The vibe was calm and laid back; most artists were working on pieces, while others discussed their work with potential customers.

Paintings by ArtFonfa, Photographed by Xiara A.

The artwork being showcased was a mix of grunge, portraits, pencil work, skull work, amongst others. While a lot of the work was dark in genre there was a pop of color here and there.

After taking my time to visit all the artist I traveled back to ArtFonfa. She had grabbed my attention with her Lauryn Hill portrait and her stickers were only $5. ArtFonfa was extremely welcoming and patient with my indecisive existence. I wanted to purchase stickers, but specifically an Erykah Badu piece, she didn’t have it in sticker form. She offered me a larger piece, but there was a reason I wanted a sticker, I passed and purchased the Lauryn Hill piece that originally captured my eye. I overheard her discussing, with a friend of mine, her interest in different musical artist such as XXXTentacion, Xavier Wulf, and Pimp C. Her work is mainly portraits of musical artist.

Music can influence us in so many different ways, even in our artwork as it has done for ArtFonfa. Make sure to check out her work along with Almost Athena, whose work is more so influenced by the villains in horror movies.

Painting by Almost Athena, Photographed by Xiara A.

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  1. What a great experience. The next tine I go to vegas, I will make sure it is on a week with first Friday and checkout some cool art too. Thank you for sharing!


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