New Music Obsession​: Lily Rayne

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 6.18.34 PMRhode Island Native Lily Rayne is marking her territory in the world of Trap & B (Trap infused R&B). Her hit singles “On!” & “Super Lit” have been pulling in traffic on her SoundCloud with 100,000 streams, in total, thus far.

She was first pushed into the spotlight by Roc Nation’s Justine Skye. Skye posted a video onto her Snapchat singing along to Rayne’s hit single “On!”, which caused much anticipation for her debut EP “Rhode Girl”.

Her rising success doesn’t stop there, this year she was submitted to ATL’s A3C Hip Hop Festival Contest: #ThisIsMyYear. 6 Artists get picked weekly & get voted on once a day via Facebook & the top two get picked to perform on the A3C festival stage. Rayne is the first from Providence to be nominated as well as the only female artist in this contest category. Which means we have to go hard for this queen. In order to vote and make sure she gets her shot,  VOTE HERE.

Lily Rayne brings that tomboy sex appeal that we first seen in the 90’s with R&B sweetheart Aaliyah. In today’s music era, that is popular go to look for a lot of our R&B favorites. Her voice is soothing and her music makes us want to kick back, after a long day at work. Which we definitely need after a stressful day.  Now, her lyrics also hint that she could be feeling the ladies, which is more publicly common in today’s era of music.  That is a beautiful thing to see in today’s society, to be open about your sexuality. So, if you have the time check out this songbird on the rise.

Also, make sure to check out her EP, coming out August 5th. She is definitely a queen to watch in this industry. For a look at her music video scroll to the bottom….

Don’t forget to  VOTE  for Lily Rayne!


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