10 Travel Beauty Essentials You Need in Your Carry-On

Girls, when we finally leave the nest for a much-needed vacation, we tend to over-plan, over-pack, over-exaggerate, over-everything! A 3-day trip may look like a weeklong getaway according to your luggage, but there is no such thing as being too prepared. A girl needs options. And toiletries are no exception. Here’s a list of beauty travel essentials you may or may not have thought of!

 1) Face and Body Wipes


Last night’s makeup doesn’t have to wake up with you. Wipes don’t wipe away all excess makeup, but it removes at least 70%. Don’t be lazy. Just reach over to your night stand, wipe left, wipe right, up and down, and then save the vigorous scrubbing for the morning.

Not using public restrooms is a better habit to adopt, overall, but usually it’s not that easy. Every public restroom is different, which means the toilet paper is too. Save yourself the possibility of vulvar irritation (yes, that’s a thing) and bring your own wipes. Baby wipes or organic wipes would be deemed best for cleansing your feminine parts, as they’re sensitive on the skin, provide moist comfort and maintain/improve PH balances.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide


You never know how the day’s activities may take a toll on your sweat glands. Whether surfing the sunny beaches of the Pacific Coast or skiing the mountains in Aspen, sweat is the common denominator. A simple, yet useful life hack could be under your very own sink. Gather a travel-sized spray bottle, mix it with water and hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the odorous areas. This will deplete the smell and will allow you to carry on with the rest of your day. This helpful remedy is also great eliminating stubborn deodorant from the underarms when it’s shower time. A cotton pad will come in handy for this.

3) Nail Polish and Remover


Okay, this one is kind of common sense, but not as common as you would think. If your nails aren’t professionally prepped for your vacay, then it’s probably you’re doing the upkeep. Let’s just say, neon pink nails don’t match with a burgundy bodycon midi dress. So, pack a few nail colors for multiple outfits, k?

4) Shimmer Lotion


Shine bright like a diamond! Whoever said highlighters and bronzing was just for cheekbones? Imagine an iridescent shimmer on your chest and arms. If majority of your time is being spent under the rays of a blazing sun, it wouldn’t hurt to look fab while you’re secretly frying. There is an extensive amount of shimmery, shiny body lotions to choose from: Victoria Secret, Naked, The Body Shop, Hawaiian Tropic and so many more. Get to Googlin’, girl! Don’t you want to look like a unicorn this summer???

4) BB/CC Cream w/SPF


BB and CC Creams will always go down in history as the best alternative to foundation. They’re blemish/color correcting moisturizers that add sheer appearances to any skin type. They’re lightweight and don’t smudge onto clothes (yes, this means hug-proof). If you invest in a bottle, be sure to get a product with at least an SPF of 30, which is dermatologist recommended.

5) Pins Galore


For any trip you take, you’re going to need three different types of pins: safety pins, bobby pins and hair pins. Safety pins come in handy for emergencies, like wardrobe malfunctions. Even wearing infinity scarves or boot toppers may call for safety pins. Bobby pins are like the best friend that hold your hair up when you’re puking into the toilet. That was graphic, but I’m not lying. They do things that hair ties just simply can’t. And hair pins essentially add decoration to the outfit, simple or formal. For the most part, they keep things interesting.

7) Skin Tape


Even Kim Kardashian doesn’t have the perfect bra. She’s admitted to using duct tape to give her deep plunge necklines an appealing impression. Keep your girls in place, no matter the occasion with rigid strapping tape. Athletes usually use it for injury prevention or to protect previous damages, but you’ve seen the feminine versions of these tapes in the intimate sections of your favorite department stores. However, they’re not always effective, especially for heavier set women or bigger busts. Rigid strapping tape is 10x more effective with proven results. Your boobs will go nowhere!

8) Stain Remover Pen


I’m the clumsiest person I know. I can say this because, one time, I spilled a whole plate of pancakes and syrup into my lap while trying to cut them into those tiny triangles. It was embarrassing walking through a restaurant with stained-syrup denim. But on the bright side, it was a conversation starter. Had I packed a stain remover pen, I’d save myself the humiliation. Need I say more? Learn from my mistakes.

9) Dry Shampoo


I had no idea dry shampoo was around since the 15th century. Our ancestors stayed ready. Thank goodness it made its way to the U.S. because washing your hair every day must be a real struggle. But if you’re natural, then this is not much of an issue, unless you wear extensions. Hair hygiene is crucial because of it literally..sits on the top…of…your head. It’s the first thing people see. Dry shampoo doesn’t substitute a whole hair wash session, but it maintains temporary freshness until you do decide to have a meeting with your sink. Always have a bottle near by.

10) Hair Mist


I don’t know many people that know hair mist is an actual thing. And the fact that Coco Chanel makes hair mist shows that it’s legit and that much more necessary. Sometimes the smell of clean hair overpowers the actual scent of the perfume one chooses to wear. Naturals know this best. Many natural hair care products contain an aromatic variety of pleasant scents. If you want this outcome, spritz a few squirts into your ‘do and whip it back and forth for effect.

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