New Music Obsession: Dua Lipa



Need something new to listen to rather than what is playing through everyone’s speaker? Try giving this new artist, Dua Lipa, a try. The young London-born starlet brings an infectious vibe to her music, with sex appeal but with more of an edge. She stands out from the already overly saturated pop stars, with her sultry sound and new age teen rebellion.

Dua Lipa began her career making covers to her favorite singers, ( ex. Nelly Furtado & Christina Aguilera) on her Youtube page from the age of 14. Dua Lipa showcases her powerful vocals and shows how captivating she truly is.

We are happy this young starlet is all natural with her voice. You may have heard her work alongside some EDM heavy Hitters such as Martin Garrix & Major Lazer. She even racked up a feature from Fader and opening act for Bruno Mars on 24k his tour, this girl is rising to new pop stardom.

Listen to one of our favorite tracks from her new album featuring Miguel here.







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