The Cultural Importance of Afro-Latino Fest

Performances Celebrating Afro-Latino Culture

Afro-Latino Fest NYC took place on July 7-8 2017, and The Queen Sessions got to be a part of the cultural celebration. Now, for those who are confused on what the heck an Afro-Latino is, let us inform you. Afro-Latinos are considered the minorities in Latin culture and usually are unrepresented in the Latinx mass media.

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Proud Afro-Latino Culture

The term Afro-Latino comes from those of African descent in the Latino culture. There have been a number of Afro-Latinos speaking out on the injustice and discrimination within their communities. Actors and Actresses have come out and discussed why they are proud to represent their African roots as well as their Latin roots.

This is why the Afro-Latino Fest NYC is important to the community. It shows that there is a representation of African culture in the Latin community, making it easier for those who identify with this cultural background, to feel proud and have a place of belonging.

This year’s festival included Afrolatin Talks Symposium.  Co-curators of the talk include Ariana Curtis, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). The festival also included the introduction of their newest feature, the Liberación Film Festival with documentaries from Curacao, Brazil, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The second day of the festival kicked off in the historic neighborhood Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, where live performers and vendors shared their art. Seeing the different expression of music, art, and clothing coming together in celebrating their lineage was a beautiful experience.  Reminding us that no matter if you are Dominican, Black, Puerto Rican, or African, we should all come together and celebrate our goodness!

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All photography was done by contributor Thalia Abreu

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