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Queen Rule: Don’t Settle and Travel

Travel, a six letter word that has been flying out of my mouth since the day I was put on this big beautiful Earth. For most of my life, my dad has been traveling around the world, go for months at a time, and coming home with crazy stories of where he’s been. Since then I knew traveling was soon to become my great escape.

While growing up, I sometimes felt like an outsider, especially in high school, and I was never sure of myself, questioning everything in my life. Was this the right decision? Do I want to stay on this career path? Am I confident enough to do or wear this? Is this even possible for me? Questions like these can become very exhausting, so much to the point where I don’t want to get out of bed. However, if there is one thing I am absolutely sure about, it’s traveling!


Two years ago, I finally had the guts to go overseas, by myself, and it changed my life. I got to see the Eiffel Tower light up the night sky (cried), I saw where Anne Frank and her family hid in an attempt to save their lives and watched the changing of the guards’ ceremony at Buckingham Palace, this happens daily. I saw the different cultures I’ve only previously read about and the perspective of life in these places.

When I got back home, all I could think about were the things I experienced and going back to experience it again. I saw my projects in school change for the better and my confidence was just a little bit higher. In my self-discovery, I found that in order for me to finally find my path, I have to go again. Now everything in my life and everything I’m working so hard for is so I can go back to Europe. Next year, I plan on going to Florence, Italy to study fashion communications. I wake up every morning asking myself what I could experience on this trip? Where will I stay? How will I fund this adventure? Side note lets me tell you it’s not cheap.


Questions like this helped me learn that I don’t have to settle for just one place or one job. Questions like these tell me: “Damn it, I can do this, but I have to keep working hard for it.”

Though I still struggle with second-guessing myself every day, I know that I will be okay, as long as I keep working towards the goals I have. At the end of the day, my goal is to keep traveling and seeing the world, learning more cultures and never settling.  If there’s one thing I have learned from this journey we call life, it’s to never settle for the “This job is good enough” or “This place is just okay.”

Work hard, love life, and have an adventure, you gorgeous Queens!



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