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Women in Art: Interview with Celeb Photographer Sharisse Daley



After a big event happens we turn to our social media to see the highlights and photos of our favorite celebrities. It seems we forget to give credit to those capturing those “once in a lifetime” moments and sharing their vision with us.

Sharisse Daley is one of those photographers, who hustles endless hours, trying to capture and push out these moments for us music lovers, to see. Getting the inside of look of the hottest events, listening parties, and behind the scenes in the music industry. You may have seen her work for Sza’s Ctrl listening party or for the famous Hot 97 Summer Jam. Her rise to this career started off as an intern for the famous radio station Hot 97 in New York. She took time and grew her skills, which allowed her a chance to showcase her work to the executive team. Now, she has covered events like Summer Jam and the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. We had the honor to interview her and get more of her story on how women make a breakthrough in her chosen industry.

The Queen Sessions: Where did your journey with the camera begin?

Sharisse Daley: I took a photography class at BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College)in 2009 and I liked it, but I thought nothing of it. It was 2 years later in 2011, I purchased my first camera. I started out taking photos of a few friends, but I didn’t really take it too seriously. It wasn’t until I went to a Jeezy concert back in 2014. I was in the front with my camera and I took a few shots, and I just enjoyed it. 


TQS: What was the first moment you realized this could be your calling?

SD: I started going to more events, and I loved the energy of the people and the artists. Artists perform and forget how cool they are, and leave that all on the stage. I also knew I loved that at any point in time, I could look at these photos and relive the moment. 

TQS: How long did it take it take for your peers/colleagues to see your work potential?

SD: I had a few friends that noticed my potential, but I was shy about it. I really had to keep working to build my confidence and build my portfolio. I’m still building my confidence. 


TQS: What is the most difficult thing about event/celeb photography?

SD: The most difficult thing is getting into an event. I’ve had to sneak into a lot of major industry events. I also make sure I find a good spot especially because I’m short. I also make sure that I keep shooting until I know I have a shot that I love.

TQS: We live our lives on social media, do you see any other artist and get envious of their work?

SD: I love looking at other photographers’ work for inspiration and I have to remember that everyone’s on their own journey. I think we’re all looking for ways to portray our vision while staying true to ourselves and showing who we are through our work. 

TQS: Overall, what is one lesson you learned/ing on this career journey?

SD: The one thing I learned is closed mouths don’t get fed (by that I mean don’t be afraid to ask someone for help!), believe in yourself, even if you gotta fake it, and be nice to everyone! Everyone is on their own journey to success and you never know how the next person may be able to help you. Also, don’t be afraid to do free shit because sometimes the opportunity is just as rewarding as a check.

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To follow more of Sharisse Daley’s work you can find her work on her website  & her Instagram as well. Subscribe for more queen interviews and articles.


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