6 Movies Where the Woman Saves the Dude

1. Wonder Woman

wwIf you haven’t seen the $700 million box office hit, yet…then you must not be pro-girl gang. We’ve been waiting for female protagonist superhero movie for some decades now and it isn’t one to disappoint. The Amazonian Princess, Diana Prince, is an intrepid warrior, determined to literally make the world a better place, even if it means leaving her home forever. Her journey commences when a pilot named Steve Trevor, unknowingly gains access to the forbidden Amazonian land. It was Diana’s first, ever, encounter with a man and she was saving his life ever since.

2. Divergent (Series)

wwTo be a Divergent, means to be atypical; to be atypical means you cannot conform; to not conform means you’re pretty much a wild card and you pose a serious threat to the flawed, second-rate regime run by a micro-managing nag named Jeanine. That Divergent I’m speaking of is Tris Prior. Tris was a timid, yet brave girl who noticeably didn’t fit in anywhere. When it came time to finally stand up for what was right, she showed her true purpose. Tris was kicking ass so much, taking the wheel was subconscious. This meant her very manly, very capable boyfriend had to stand behind her even if it meant being rescued from time to time.

3. Mad Max

wwYou would think the 2015 remake would solely be about Max Rockatanksy, but it was more about Imperator Furiousa. She had a mission, formed a strategy and was going to carry it out, regardless of the change of plans. Throughout the movie, Furiousa and Max formed more of a platonic relationship but it was clear who was wearing the pants: Furiousa. Max let her take the lead, pride aside and they fought to see tomorrow.

4. Fast & Furious 6


Han and Gisele’s relationship was a cute interaction without too much distraction from the plot of the film. Their love for action, driving fast cars, and doing impossible missions made them a match in heaven. The aura of the famous airport runway scene was eerie, the way the camera focused on Gisele and Han, just a little too much. We should have known what was coming next. Gisele ultimately saves Han’s life when a bad guy attempts to kill him. She did what any girl in love would do and sacrificed her entire existence to save his. So sad…

5. Titanic

wwHad Jack never won that poker game, he would have never fallen in love with Rose…he also wouldn’t have lost his life due to an ill-fated ship. But love conquers all, right (ahem)? Rose was suddenly brought back to life when Jack entered her life in an unexpected way. The story of Jack and Rose was enjoyable, yet sad due to the fact they would never live a life together, off the boat. But before the untimely ship-sinking, Rose saved Jack from an overflowing cabin in the bottom floor of the Titanic. Had she not come back for her true love, he would have drowned and we wouldn’t get to see that tear-jerking, sentimental last conversation he had with her before he actually did die.

6. 300: Rise of an Empire

wwThe sequel didn’t amount to the original, but it sure was a nice surprise to see Lena Headey reprise her role as the wife of King Leonidas, Gorgo. The battle between Greek General Themistocles and Greece’s arch-nemesis, Artemisia of Persia, seems like an unwinnable matter until Gorgo and her army arrives to the fight with a few friends to put naval hurting on the opposing side. All the pieces conveniently fall into place, giving Themistocles new gained confidence. And while we don’t get to finish watching the battle, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a undisputed victory. Never send a man to do a woman’s job…especially if the enemy is a woman as well, duh!

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