5 Reasons Why I Am Picky With a 9-5

We spend five out of the seven days at our place of work. We spend so much time there that we develop work besties and work beaus. Companies are now incorporating to create team environments and including snacks into the workplace. I love snacks as much as the next person, but I need more than a low-fat granola to be happy at my job.

A traditional 9-5 can be stressful to your mental health if you are a particular person aka a creative. I realized quickly how my marketing role turned into hell once I realized they wanted a particular structure that I can’t conform to. All of my experiences, good or bad have made particular about the roles I take on at certain companies. These are my 5 reasons I am picky when choosing my 9-5 gigs.

The Corporate Structure:

There are a lot of different roles and hats you’ll have to wear at your job, but you’ll need to choose which hats are too tight and which ones fit just right.Working in a smaller company, you may have to do five things outside of your intended duty. This could mean handling the data, the email marketing, and social media campaigns all in one. Now, this may not seem like a lot, until it all hits you at once. I like to know which task will be a priority and which ones are less time to consume. I do not need to stress about everything thrown my way.

Team Environment:

I need to know how everyone communicates and if they are verbal communicators. There are new methods of using text apps to communicate, and I am not for it. Honestly, you should not use text to communicate with co-workers. Things can get misconstrued and escalate quickly. Open communication is my personal policy, this way nothing gets left out of the conversation.

How Meetings are Conducted:

I did marketing for real estate beforehand, and I loved how meetings were run. Everyone would attend and we would discuss the week’s goals and what was needed. We also encouraged and celebrated the accomplishments that were made in the week prior. Now, not every company does this. I had a role where I dreaded meetings and felt discouraged every time I attended one. Also, the meetings were an hour long for no real reason, whatsoever. We would comment on our tasks and new ideas for the week. Then the faults were addressed instead of what went right. Again, very dreadful.

Are There More Than Two POC’S:

This is important! This is actually essential to me, as a woman of color.I worked at a company where they were entirely insensitive to my Latinx roots and asked me if I knew any Cinco De Mayo songs. Like seriously?! A company who doesn’t take enough initiative to hire more talented people of color, won’t take enough initiative to be sensitive to your feelings when making racial comments. Seriously, I am Puerto Rican, not Mexican?!

Can You See Yourself There for More Than a Year:

If the answer is no, then move it along. You have to remember you are in control of your life and yes finances are tight, but your mental health will thank you later.

Remember this is your life! You have the choice to take on this role and you have the final outlook on your career path. Make it a good one and don’t be afraid to take risks either. Stay strong Queens!



  1. You’re obviously a self-entitled millennial. You MUST be straight out of college or have not had the “corporate” world give you a nice swift kick in the ass yet, or learned from one.


    1. Hey Jack Sparrow, you should really watch what you say to people you don’t know because I know her personally and she has been through some pretty tough stuff regarding life, jobs and all. In this article she is just expressing things she has experienced, she has the right to do that. So move your arrogance else where.


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