Powerful Women: Story By Cassie Labissere


Cassie Labissere is a woman who has been through hell and back, but she still stands. She has a successful career in luxury real estate. One can wonder how she managed to land a career that allows her to view million dollar condos, travel to exotic locations, and fulfill her destiny. It was not easy and her story is not golden. Cassie tells us her story while reminding us of the beauty of having gone “Through the fire”. This is her story…

It’s interesting how we all can take a look at another and secretly pass judgment, without knowing any real information to support our thoughts. 

If you looked at me, before a networking event, you would see a beautiful woman with class and confidence. If you looked at me a day before I got on the plane to Las Vegas, before my life changed, you would not have believed these two women were the same human being.

I was filthy, from sleeping in a car. It’s hard to fall into a deep slumber when you afraid you will be raped in the middle of the night. I had bags under my eyes. I was using water from a water bottle to cleanse myself.  


How could such a well-spoken woman end up in such dire straits? What could she possibly be running from? Perhaps, it was my past. 

Professionals have said to me that having had been sexually abused as a child would lead me to poor decisions, if I didn’t undergo treatment, indefinitely. They said I would end up prostituting myself to survive or end up on drugs. I was supposedly a textbook case, whatever that means.

Anyone who knows me would argue that I was quite unique. It goes to show that even professionals can misjudge a person’s resilience and become prejudice.

As I got off the plane I was certain my life was taking a turn for the better. For five years I had been speaking to an online friend, who I was smitten with. She understood me in ways no one ever had. I was certain she was the answer. I was determined to be with her and knew this move would change my life. I put my past behind me and looked forward to the adventure in front of me.

Unfortunately, her feelings offline were not the same causing me to walk into a situation I was unprepared for. I was left to fend for myself, in a city I was new to. It was when I found myself living in public housing that shed a light on a pattern I needed to correct.

Fortunately for me, I landed a job shortly after I arrived in town. As I caught two buses to work every day, under the Las Vegas sun, I knew I would eventually be in a better position

I spent a lot of time trying to find the love I didn’t get as a child. That lead to a series of unfortunate events throughout my twenties.

I let those experiences fill me with the desire for a better life. I stopped wanting to be loved by others and started to figure out how to love myself. As I learned to love myself, I became a woman who made better choices.


“What I learned was that I enjoyed hitting my goals. Every year, I set a small goal to move closer to a larger goal.”

The first year, I wanted to buy a bed to replace the air mattress I was sleeping on. A Real Estate agent, who was working with my company helped negotiate a really good deal for me. The day I bought my bed was one of the happiest moments in my life! It was in that moment when I decided my new goal was to be in a better position, where I could negotiate my own life.

When I became the Transaction Coordinator for a prominent High Rise, I saw how important people began to notice my potential. This was the beginning of my happy ending.

I was fortunate to have met three mentors throughout the last decade of my life. These mentors fanned the flames and encouraged me to keep going. Some of them offered sanctuary to me in times where I didn’t have the resources to take care of myself. In doing so, it allowed me to now help take care others in my life when they are in need.

The most important thing to remember is to not judge a book by its cover.

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