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Who is Princess Nokia & Why is She Worth the Listen?


Destiny “Princess Nokia” Frasqueri is an Afro-Nuyorican Goddess with words of women empowerment and a F*ck you kind of attitude. Now, she has toured Europe and all over America, but you are probably wondering who is she? Princess Nokia is an independent artist and has remained in the underground scene since the age of 16. Also, she is a signed model for Calvin Klein and Adidas. So, she is a little versatile.

Her start began from hosting underground parties and go-go dancing. Grabbing inspiration from her days living in Spanish Harlem and the Lower East Side, New York. She can be seen as a little vulgar but also she has this “I am who I am” attitude that ever woman should exuberate.

Besides her music, you need to listen and watch her interviews where she discusses the importance of maintaining your cultural background. Always vocal and proactive about her background as an Afro-Latina and she discusses the racism within the Latinx community for darker skinned Latinx.  Claiming the term Bruja, as a word that describes magical being. She claims this word was stolen from us and a negative meaning was distributed in order to stop educating the community of their origins. Still not convinced?

Watch her following interview with Fader Magazine below:



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