Spring into Summer Trends 2017

Need some style advice when trying to find what works best for your summer wardrobe?

Some days the sun is out and bright, other days the clouds are pouring their rain upon us. This is spring and soon will come summer. No matter the weather we love to stay stylish. Here are top five seasonal trends…

1. Off the shoulder/ bare shoulders

shot by @chayaliz
shot by @TheManyRealms

This look can be regal with an overall sexiness. The style can be found in a simple top, dress, even a gown. It’s so versatile. Try it in a solid color, printed top, sailor stripes or polka dots.
Photographed is two different ways to wear the look. In a black dress and brown wrapped flats or as a shirt with same family colored pants.

2. Let’s Discuss Colors

A. Pinks
Pale Dogwood, as referred to by Pantone has been seen more so in street fashion whereas fuchsia, a much brighter and bolder pink has graced high-end fashion runways. Pictured is the former.

shot by @chayaliz

B. Greenery
Also known as Pantone’s 2017 color of the year. Green can be a tough color to wear and add to your wardrobe but don’t be afraid to be daring this season. The color will look great in sunlight.
Pair a nice green blouse with white pants or wear a green slip on dress and black strappy heels for a night out on the town.
Pictured is a much darker green, but it makes you think forest nonetheless. This look would work best on a breezy summer night spent on the boardwalk or beach.

shot by @octospired

C. PrimRose Yellow

Yellow in the summer time? Can there be a better match?
Yellow is bright, bold & happiness in one beautiful color. It goes perfectly with browns, hello beautiful brown eyed girl!

If you dare do a monochromatic look with this color you can either wear it with a similar warm color shoe (i.e.) Yellow-orange/orange or a split complimentary color (i.e.) Dark blue/indigo

shot by @devdooley

D. White

Particularly shirt dresses, but also low top white sneakers have been a staple these last few seasons. And honestly when is a good white sneaker not in style?

Here we styled a white dress shirt with a primrose yellow thin belt and light pink tie dye bomber jacket.

shot by: @TheManyRealms

3. Denim/ Denim-Like

From corsets to mini skirts & dusters, denim is everywhere. The best part is wearing the denim-like color, Pantone refers to as Niagara.

shot by @TheManyRealms

4. Matching Separates

shot by @TheManyRealms

What’s best about matching separates? Once you buy it, you don’t have to think much about it, other than throwing it on. What makes it even better? You don’t always have to wear it together and now you have multiple outfits. Here it is shown in a white patterned top and shorts. Get brave this summer.Push the limits with your matching separates, wear nice prints- floral, tribal, stripes and so forth.
As you can see these trends & colors can be mixed with one another. Pair a yellow outfit with denim boots. Wear different shades of pinks in one outfit. Make your plain white shirt-dress fun, with a pop of colors. Add an in-style color corset to your hoodie or oversized sweater for a fun and feminine look. Don’t be afraid to mix up your look && if ever you need a style guru @TheManyRealms is your go to.

P.S. Always wear your confidence, that’s always on trend!

Xiara A.



  1. I’m loving the “off the shoulder” and “Denim on Denim” trend ! My absolute favorite and easiest ! Very inspiring! I love how you give advice on how to wear more of the bolder trends like patterns and bright colors. I definitely know what my wardrobe will be looking like this summer ! Xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

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