The Importance of a #WOKEBAE


Times can get tough in the dating scene with all of these new apps and pointless first dates. You start to ask yourself, “should I settle?” You should NEVER settle. It’s not worth it but it happens and that is fine. However, if you do settle don’t do it with someone who is not culturally open and socially aware of what is happening in today’s gentrifying world.

Now, here is the importance of dating a #wokebae, you can converse openly about what is happening in society. If you are dating someone you can express the racial injustice to when watching another news story than you can express anything. We usually try to steer away from politics on the first couple of dates but you can’t be a woman of Black, Muslim, or Latinx background and date a man who is oblivious to the inequality. It just won’t work. You will be forever pulling out your hair and asking yourself “Why in the heck did I date this loser?!” Trust us, we get it.

So here are some reasons why need to get a woke bae…


You will feel more open to being yourself:

Yes, woke bae will socially accept you and not hold you to a Kardashian beauty standard. You can wear your natural fro, be makeup free, and a little funky (wear deodorant still) and still feel beautiful around him. Finding yourself in a relationship where you feel constricted to remain society ready 24/7 is crazy. Finding someone who is in love with who you are without the beat is beautiful.


You Can Openly Discuss Your Mind

Being with a man that does not feel inferior to a woman’s intelligence is refreshing. It is a full thrill being in an invigorating conversation about more than today’s social media posts. Discussing politics, travel, cultures, and more is something we should do on the regular. Finding someone who appreciates that you are not a 1950’s step-ford wife should be on your checklist for your beau.


He Respects Your Background

This is important when you are dating someone outside of your race or someone of the same race. If you are proud to be Indian, Black, Latina, or an Alien, he needs to respect it. If he says comments that seem a bit racist, take this as a sign. These small comments could actually be how he truly feels on the inside. You have to make sure he values your background and not just your booty (or beauty).


Lastly, beyond all of this, he will love you for you. He will love you for being who you are and that is a Queen. Remember Queens, you can’t conquer with the wrong King by your side.




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