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7 Natural Beauty Enhancements That Will Get His Attention

Ladies, try this new way of living with your man and see how he reacts. And if you’re single, spend a night out on the town and see if you get as much attention. With all exceptions and anomalies aside, in general, I’m right.

Men, you say want a girl that’s all natural, but you really don’t. Because if Kim Kardashian is your poster-girl for au naturel, then you love the complete opposite!

Natural entails acne blemishes, unprocessed, untamed hair, rigid nails, and No Shave November… except all year.

Ladies, try this new way of living with your man and see how he reacts. And if you’re single, spend a night out on the town and see if you get as much attention. With all exceptions and anomalies aside, in general, I’m right.

You can put effort into an effortless look. It’s okay if you weren’t born with it.

So, if you want to want to turn his head your way, go Fake-Natural. Here’s how:


1. Individual Lashes


The most common types of lashes are full volume lashes (usually, weaved to a tiny track), best used for special events, performances and photo shoots. Many women wear them, casually, because they’re a quick, cheap alternative. However, depending on the size, type and thickness, if not worn right, it can look like you’re wearing lamp shades.

Individual lashes are a more pricey, timely alternative, but serve a more natural, authentic look.

If he can get close enough, the first thing a guy may notice is your eyes. Whether they’re brown, hazel, blue or gray, individual lashes will compliment them three times more.

The average cost of individual lash application can be anywhere from $80-$320. You can also find Groupon deals that slash these prices in half. The cost is no joke, but the return on this investment equates to how many numbers and compliments you may get.


2. Subtle Contact Lenses


When you’re wearing contact lenses of a different shade, usually it’s to add contrast to your skin tone. That’s when people start asking if you’re eyes are real (ugh, I know). It’s not something you can really lie about, unless you’re never going to see them again!

Your natural color is always the safest bet, so if you want to enhance them without the speculation of realness, do it subtly. Acuvue released a line of daily lenses named Acuvue Define Lenses that enhance your already beautiful eyes.

There’s the Sparkle, the Shimmer, and the Shine. Each augment a distinctive feature of your optimal organs. There have been a number of positive, effective testimonies from real customers. These bad boys can run you anywhere from $26-$65, depending on your order size. Also, keep in mind you may need a prescription for these.

All in all, the more you can get him to stare into your eyes, the better. With these contacts, he will barely notice when you take them out.


3. Natural Acrylics


Gel nails, shellac, acrylics, silk wraps…nails are becoming more of a basic hygienic duty. With influences like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, or Katy Perry, nails have a much higher demand than they used to in previous generations. Twelve-year-olds are getting regular manicures, now.

If your nails are anything like mine, they’re weak. They like to grow, but will break off any chance they get. Then they will trick you into thinking they’re finally strong enough to be long and healthy but once you grab something the wrong way or bang your finger against any type of object…off they go.

It’s tiring and sometimes the Biotin pills aren’t doing the job, so you opt for a professional manicure. If you want a truly natural look, with fake nails, get acrylics or gel nails with fake nails and ask for no color. Believe me, they will look at you funny when you say you don’t want color, but stand your ground. The results will satisfy you.

Now, anything you grab, any strand of hair you pull through, your nails will look like they grew out of your own nail beds. And guys do notice pretty fingers.

Expect to pay an affordable $25-$30.


4. Extensions


If you hadn’t noticed, this article is heavily promoting ‘length’. For the most part, length is more noticeable and stands out in a hard-to-see crowd. Hair extensions are no exception. It is best to enhance your natural-born hair texture to prevent excessive upkeep. Adding a few pieces here and there can give you the fullness and confidence you’ve always desired.

For the ladies that wear closures/frontals/wigs, etc.:

Blending is your friend. When he goes in to kiss your forehead, he will see your scalp. So, if you’re going to wear a full head of extensions with no leave-out, blend the baby hairs with your natural hairline, to prevent your lace from showing. It’ll save you a lot of embarrassing questions.



5. BB Cream


BB Cream means Blemish Balm Cream. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer that evens out the skin tone as well as protects and corrects.

While it doesn’t provide much coverage, many use it as an alternative to foundation. You can find a BB Cream in your shade in almost any makeup brand. Prices vary, but they are most definitely affordable.


6. Lip Tint


First base is kissing, right? Well, if he even get’s that far, then you want a lipstick that won’t fade or smear onto his lips.

Lip tints are the best option because you can eat, drink and talk as much as you want without worrying about your mouth.

It’s a pain having to schedule the reapplication of gloss every time you make a move. Lip tints only require one application and you’re done for the whole day.

They come in a variation of colors and shades for you to choose from.


7. Smile


Last, but definitely not least…smile, even if it’s a little smirk. It is the most natural, God-given feature that you have, so use it! Plus, no guy wants to approach a girl with a resting b**** face. Use this time to invest in some mouth wash and always have spearmint gum on you…always.


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