Sza Defines the New R&B



If you have been living under the rock then you probably didn’t hear the that the First Lady of TDE ( Top Dawg Entertainment) has released her much-anticipated album. The soulful songbird released her debut track Love Galore featuring Travis Scott prior to the release and fans went crazy for the track. Giving us that don’t play with me or my emotions tone. Now, it is too early to predict album sales but judging by the mass media covergae it might be safe to say this album will soar to the top of the charts.

Reason for this, it sounds like no other typical R&B album! Artist like Tyrese and D’Angelo have acheived sounds in R&B but for the “grown and sexy.” Sza uses her young essence to relate to the Millenial and Gen Z generation that faces the now trials and tribulations of finding yourself, dating in a social media era, and overall F*ck Boys.


You feel encaptured by her soothing voice and the pain of what a 20 something goes through. You will find her to be relatable in every essence and wanting to be her friend. But, with her vulnerable and raw sound you will feel the emotions you never knew you had. Each track has a different tone but yet still a new R&B feel. So, with all of these new artist coming to the front line of soul music, we are happy Sza is leading the march.

Stream her album now on Spotify and support by purchasing CTRL now:


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