You Can Be a Girl Boss & Still Have Love


Welcome to 2017, where we still question if this is possible. Being a woman we sometimes are forced to fit into full focus on career or be a lover. Why is this even an option? Could it be true? Absolutely not! We are in an era where a woman can raise the kids and still have a high title at her company.

Love is a test on its own. Whether we have a career or not. But, that’s another article for another time. We are going to discuss how a woman can actually achieve having both.


Find Time for Date Night:

Date nights are the time where phones are off and conversation is on. You have to find time for your s/o like you do with the paperwork. It allows you to let your partner in on what’s been stressing you out lately at the office or what “Janet” from accounting said to you. Also listen to their work stress too. It’s a relief when you can have that. Take time to do this every week.


Make Sure They Are Understanding About Your Career

So many relationships end because the s/o doesn’t understand you are pursuing your career. Yes, you can find someone who understands. They might have to be equally ambitious as you. You don’t want someone worrying you about how you spend too much time making money and your dreams come true. They just aren’t right for you. I’m not sorry but money should never be a bad thing unless you’re not making any.

Don’t Bring Work Stress into the Relationship

This is tough because let’s face it, we can’t yell at our boss. We take this stress home when we just are frustrated about a co-worker, a project, or someone stole your stapler. It happens and it is okay. Just remember your love one is not the one to be upset with. They are there to rub your feet or order dinner. Also, remember to do the same. You have to bring love in the relationship and nothing less.

Don’t Rub Your Bigger Check in Their Face

This is a big no no! Yes, we can bring home the bacon and fry it up but don’t brag about it. Your salary or pay raise should not be rubbed or bragged about. Your partner should be happy for you regardless. Don’t make them feel less of a lover.


Lastly, you are a hard working and ambitious babe! Being in a relationship doesn’t make you any less of that. You have to ensure that there is a support system and you are mentally right to maintain both. Don’t stretch yourself thin and make sure to save some love for you.




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