6 Things Multi-Racial People are Done Hearing

We all have that one friend that is biracial or multi-racial. You may even be that friend! So you already get what this piece will entail. This piece will be about you and how tired you are of the dumb a** questions. Before we begin Biracial means a mixture of two races. This is not necessarily Black & White. It means two races. Multi-racial means more than 2 races. Which is a pain to figure out at the race & ethnicity check box. Anyways, let’s begin…


“Oh, you don’t look (insert race here)”

Yup, I know. I resemble more features from the other origins of me. Thanks though, I didn’t even know we had a certain look.


“Wow, that is so exotic.”

Exotic defines plants, animals, or a country. I am neither of those, so no. Just no.

“So if you’re mixed, does that mean you can’t say the N-word?”

Yes, I was asked this before, and this is my best response. Nope, it means you still can’t say it.

“Which side do you relate to most?”

I relate to all of it, they all make me up as this person.


“Can I touch your hair.”

NO! Don’t touch it. Don’t breathe on it. ‘Don’t snap a pic of it. My hair is sacred and it’s my personal space. Please don’t exotify my hair.

“Where are you from?”

Oh, you know my mother’s vag. Aren’t you from there too? Kind of weird if you’re not.

“You look ethnic”

Awe, you look like white rice. Does that make you feel better? No? Okay then.


So queens, if you ever feel like damn, I relate to all of these don’t worry. You are not alone in this foolery and blunt ignorance we call America. Did I miss any? Comment below.


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