Why #ShortFilmSundays Should Be on Your List to Watch

Smaller production companies have been putting in more focus into short films and less into a big budget blockbuster. You may have heard of the fabulous Issa Rae. She is a writer, director, and creator of the Awkward Black Girl series and HBO’s Insecure. The show has brought light to her production company and it seems to be taking on more great projects. One of those film projects is Short Film Sunday. These films are coming from a variety of filmmakers and pushing out content that speaks on comedy, struggle or growing up. Each of these films is fresh, innovative, and something we need right now. Issa Rae productions have been creating a great wave for actors, filmmakers, and writers. Why not support this Queen’s entrepreneurship?  Take a look at some of our favorite films below and subscribe to her page…



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