Kehlani Proves She’s the Next R&B Queen

Kehlani is taking over the new generation's music scene. She is bringing us back to our inner feelings and f*ck men heartbreak singles.



Kehlani is taking over the new generation’s music scene. She is bringing us back to our inner feelings and f*ck men heartbreak singles. Showing that R&B is not just for the older crowd. Infusing her sound with catchy beats and poetic lyrics to reach out to her younger audience. While incorporating her tomboy style and overall humble attitude.

Now, it may be too early to claim this; but she is on her way to becoming the next queen. With only one studio album released and chart-topping mixtapes, she has made herself known. Her tours have been selling out and fans have been supporting her since the SoundCloud days.Which is truly unreal for today’s artist (unless your Chance the Rapper). Now all of this success and she still creates great music. Could she take Mary’s crown?

Kehlani has made it her goal to stay away from the public eye since her suicide scare, For those who are unfamiliar, she was caught in a rumored love triangle between R&B artist, Party Next Door and Basketball Star Kyrie Irving. Deleting all of her social media comments because fans over reacted and slut shamed the then 20-year-old. Now, she is in a better place and seemed to use that pain and placed it in her music. Which is the best way because her first studio album is catchy, savage, sultry, and has a little pop infusion. The artist is still making waves and until she grabs that crown officially as the new gen’s R&B queen, she is putting in her work. Take a look at some of her edgiest lyrics and listen fully to her Sweet Sexy Savage Album below.

” Let me ask you first, what did you think when you saw me? Was I something that you wanted. Or only just another cure for lonely? ” – Deserve Better, 19 mixtape

“N*ggas, n*ggas gon’ be n*ggas
Walkin’ ’round so small but actin’ like they’re bigger
Actin’ so damn bitter, lettin’ go of their temper
I ain’t got the time so I’ll crop that a** out that picture” – N*ggas, You Should Be Here mixtape

“And every time you kiss me I hear a song
When you look at me it’s like nothing’s ever wrong
Maybe I’m bad for living in the fantasy
One where you’re almost as in love with me” – As I Am, 19 mixtape

“Cause I’m just human, just like you are
We see the same ol‘ sky, at night we see the same stars
So if you feeling down, no you not alone
And if you feeling all confused, no you are not on your own” – Be Alright, You Should Be Here mixtape



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