Writers Who Won’t Sugar Coat the Truth

What is it like to be free with your words? The proud Afro-Latinx writer shares her views and gives us a little more inside on how good it feels to be uncensored.

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Imagine taking on the world with just your voice & gaining the following well over 10k. This happened for the writer and Afro-Latino activist Keka Araujo. Keka has been very vocal on her harassers and trials throughout her life. She continues to share everything with her readers from her husband’s infidelity, loss of a parent, activism, and more. Read more on our interview with this bad ass Bruja….

Who Are You:

I am Keka Araujo…Mami and newly single who decided to launch a blog after writing for other people/ companies. I’m super-opinionated and felt like there wasn’t space for diasporan women to really be who they are. So I decided to write about my feelings, life, and experiences along with some pop culture sh*t.

The Queen Sessions: Now, first and foremost explain your f*ck boy chronicles?

Keka Araujo: F*ck Boy Chronicles started because I needed a special segment on my blog for f*ck boys. We all have stories and as I came across something or even had my own experiences, I talked about them. Explicitly. lol

TQS: You openly posted your falling out with your husband, was this an emotional release?

Keka Araujo: Well, a “falling out” likens this to him stealing my candy or my favorite toy. He betrayed me and lied and the lowest point in my life…Hell yeah, it was an emotional release. It was this or kill him in my kitchen and horizontal stripes make me look fat. 

TQS: You are very vocal and open on shutting down haters or negative energy, were you always like this?

Keka Araujo: Both of my parents are super outspoken so I’d like to think that it’s genetic. Lol. I have, probably, been like this since the sixth grade.

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TQS: Many women look up to you for advice, what has been your key to passing on helpful advice?

Keka Araujo: Wow.. I didn’t know that. Seriously. I didn’t know that. Honestly, I just know what I’m not willing to do or take and I think that may empower some women. Often times- we are silenced…especially black women and I’m not trying to hear that shit at all. AT ALL.

TQS: Out of all of your roles, which one has been the most challenging?

Stay Tuned for more interviews from Queens who continue to push the limits when it comes to career and self-worth.



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