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5 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health


Protecting your mental health is not some catchy phrase we say when we are frustrated. Protecting your mental health is key when surviving today’s world. With a world of so many social media trolls, unwanted opinions, and just idiots you have to know when to say when. Your mental health is vital in dealing with certain situations and various scenarios. You want to be able to walk into a situation and say, “okay, I got this.” So don’t worry, we have tips that can help you do just this…


Walk Away From Harmful Situations

We know it’s not as being said, but you need to do this. If you are in a job environment, friendship, relationship, or anything that makes you anxious or feels questionable than it is. You have to feel great whenever you walk into a situation. Every day won’t be great, but if every day is wrong than starting planning a process on how you will walk away from this.

Approach the Situation During Beginning Phases

If you are in the beginning stages of the situation and signs are starting to show, confront them. Sometimes we tend to shut down and let these signs grow within time. Making it soon difficult to approach the situation. Sit down, breathe, and then confront the issue. Approach it calmly and do it with a clear mind.


Find Your Happy Place

We need to find time for ourselves. This time is valuable and will allow you to unwind. Do what makes you happy and find time to do it often. When we get busy and schedules are filled, we forget to make ourselves happy. Whether it is the beach, a weekend trip, a new project, an Etsy store find time for you.


Give Yourself Some Credit

We are being the best version of us. You may not get that job or may even gain 2 pounds but you are still perfectly you. In the end, you have to stop being so damn critical of you. You are striving for greatness and probably on your way there, it takes time. You have to look in the mirror and say I am beautiful. I will no longer dissect myself. I will love myself for who I was created to be.


Stay Positive

You can handle whatever is thrown at you. Not everything deserves your reaction and not everyone is out to hurt you. Allow the positive energy to continually flow into your life and see how it affects your life. Sure you spilled your coffee but now you have a reason to go back and flirt with the barista (not really, spilled coffee sucks). Just smile and laugh at the little things with your head high.


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