Women Owned Brands You Need in Your Closet

We see so much media buzz over brands and exclusive collections by Kanye, Balmain, the Kardashians, or whoever. We forget that these brands take influence from smaller named brands and from everyday women entrepreneurs. Now let’s take back the market and support our queens in their business ventures. This post is going to name some dope & stylish brands that you need in your closet now.

Haute Geek Couture

Haute Geek Couture was created by Howard Alum and 90’s lover Marcia Jones. Spreading a positive message during these times of racial hate crimes. She is bringing back the color blocking and tomboy chic we see every mall brand knocking off. To shop her one of the kind pieces click the link here.

Her Threads

Her Threads was created by two sisters by the name of Lauren and Courtney Warwick. Launching this brand with heavy influence from the 90’s. Providing a strong message for women and spreading some women empowerment with their Pantherette tees, artist tees, and more. To shop their collection click the link here.

Vinca USA

Vinca USA is handcrafted and created in Austin, Tx. The brand is quirky, fresh, and original in all the sense. This accessory was created by a predominant women team. Bringing these fresh ideas to life all in their workshop. Not only we should support women-owned business, but it’s the USA! Double whammy. To shop their collection click here.

A Cubed Designs

A Cubed Designs is a hand crafted beach line & swim brand created by Art Insitute Fashion Alum Alana A. Agcaoili. Crafting the swim line after her graduation and making heads turn with the color blocking and unique Hawaiian feel to her pieces. Her collection is custom made and pre-made as well. Get right for the summer & shop more here.

 Abstract Earrings

Abstract Earrings is a brand that expresses art and more of a funky p.o.v. The brand was created by soul queen and fashionista Ai.  All of her pieces are handcrafted and created to give you a fine art and soulful feel to her collection. Making everything from pendants to earrings. Find more of her collection and shop here.

Now with so many stylish and style oriented women-owned business, how are you not supporting?  Check out each of these businesses and find something that will fit into your everyday style. Did we miss your brand? Comment below or shoot us an email.



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