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Diversifying Swim Wear for Women by Women.


The fashion route is not always designer clothes and custom couture dresses. Couture swim is becoming a high demand in the fashion market & Knaughty Kouture is taking on that field. With their home base being in “Sin City” the CEO is trying to make sure they don’t become lost among the other start up fashion lines. Allow me to introduce the founder and designer, Inell Wilson.

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“My name is Inell Wilson. I am a swimwear designer. I own Knaughty Kouture Swimwear. I have over 16 years of experience in swimwear design and manufacturing. I get asked frequently, how I came up with the name Knaughty Kouture Swimwear. I chose this name because I believe a woman can be both sexy and strong. My Athena warrior logo represents just that! We are living in an exciting era of empowerment. I love to see women, being comfortable in the skin that they are in! ”

The Queen Sessions:  Which difficulties did you face in the beginning of the brand?

Inell Wilson:  Like most businesses, there is usually trial and error. The most difficult thing that I was challenged with, was doing everything for the first time. The uncertainty can be a real stress factor. Putting in the necessary research and endless hours to tackle all the small things. The reward is to see everything come together and the excitement on someone’s face when they wear my designs. That part is very gratifying!

TQS: You are based in Las Vegas, how would you describe the fashion scene?

IW: The fashion Industry in Las Vegas doesn’t have the fashion presence of other International cities compared to La or New York. Over the past three years, I have noticed a bit of steam in the local fashion industry. I believe that this steam will continue to increase for the years to come.

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TQS: When choosing models for your brand, what are your ideal candidates?

IW: First and foremost it represents confidence. A woman who isn’t scared not, to play by all the rules! When choosing models to represent our brand. We tend to choose a woman who represents confidence and strength. Knaughty Kouture represents every woman of every shade, shape, and size.

TQS: Your brand welcomes in diversity in your brand, do you feel this is important in fashion?

IW: Diversity is important for me. As a minority, there is a common thought when we see certain clothes or brands that aren’t minority-inclusive. The notion that it subconsciously implies to us is, that it basically isn’t for us! For instance makeup. If we do not see minorities wearing say for instance a particular brand of foundation. We automatically think, they probably don’t have my shade. In cases of jeans, oh they probably won’t fit my butt and so forth.So yes, I believe that it is important in fashion as well as any other market to be diverse.

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TQS:  What separates your brand from other swim lines?

IW: What separates my brand from other brands, is that I make swimwear for everyone. From competition bikinis to swimwear for children, to athletic women to curvaceous women. We also have a signature collection called Athena. This collection is made only- with various colors of gold and cream, that we add new styles for each year! I am not aware of any other swimwear line that has a signature collection. I’m super excited for Summer 2017! Keep an eye out because these upcoming styles are AMAZING!

Knaughty Kouture will unveil their latest collection for Las Vegas Swim Week this July 2017. For your latest couture look shop with Knaughty Kouture here.

Stay tuned for more Queening.



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