How Bringing in Faith & Art Brought Career Growth for this Etsy Seller


Meet our monthly contributor and all around positivist spokesperson Thalia Abreu. She is a visualist, a designer, and an owner of the brand Good Within Co. We wanted to get her story on how her brand originated and the risks it took. She shares with you how important it is to remain true to yourself and soon you will thrive.

I’ve always had a knack for art and creativity. So in November 2014, I opened up a very small business creating hand lettered mugs called Cup of Art (clever right?). Soon after, I began to get ideas of creating more than just on mugs. So I rebranded with a more general name and named my business Art Space Shop. That is when I started lettering and designing on journals.



After a few months, I felt dissatisfied with my brand name. Not only did I find out that the words “Art Space” were taken already, the acronym for “Art Space Shop” is…well you get it. I took a break from my business, I felt like I needed to refresh. So on May 2016, I opened back up again as She Creates Truth Co. This was inspired by my favorite bible app, She Reads Truth. I thought, hey I’m a girl and I create stuff that is meant to be truthful and encouraging.

It seemed perfect! But later down the line, I started to get that tugging feeling in my heart that this was not the name for my brand. I didn’t take a break this time. Instead, I kept working and improving, working on my rebrand behind the scenes. It took me months to come up with a name, branding strategy, and everything else that comes with rebranding. I enjoyed the process and knew that I had to be extremely thoughtful of these steps as I do not want to change again! I prayed about it a lot and really felt convicted of this new brand. So in 2017, I introduced Good Within.

It all started with the idea to create for good. Even before it was Good Within. I always wanted to spread a message and a lifestyle, one that was inspiring, motivating and uplifting. I also just want a channel in which I express myself and my creativity. I can easily spend hours creating, not even feeling the time pass by!

Based on Faith + Inspiration
I’m just a girl who faithfully believes in God and decides every day to follow Him. I love on people, I forgive, I try to encourage and inspire and I help and support those around me…These are the things God has called me to do. His grace, mercy, and love run through me and all I want to do is give back that same grace and love towards other people.
It is a part of who I am, not something separate. Since Good Within is an extension of me, it’s only logical that I incorporate faith and inspiration because they are in fact a part of me. I believe, totally and utterly, that God created things for good. So by writing thoughtful words on everyday things, I hope to encourage those who receive them into having a thoughtful life!
-xx Thalia Abreu
To shop Good Within Co for housewares, stationery, and more click via: Good Within Co Website

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